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The Centre for Climate Crime and Climate Justice is a research centre based at Queen Mary University of London. We provide educational resources to support campaigns, organisations and individuals demanding climate justice. We publish research that holds climate offenders accountable.

New era of toxic time-bombs

Plans by Veolia UK to process thousands of tonnes of the same chemicals involved in the Flixborough disaster at a plant in Garston, Liverpool, has caused uproar in the surrounding community. Ritchie Hunter reports.

“If I die, you must live to tell my story”. The obliteration of Gaza’s universities

The destruction of the Palestinian education system, especially higher education, plays a crucial role in this policy of population expulsion. Every Gazan university has been completely or partially destroyed since October, and Universities on the West Bank have come under sustained attack. Ignasi Bernat and Roser Rodríguez show how the destruction of Universities and the killing of scholars is a central part of the genocide in Gaza and challenge European universities to speak out against the genocide.