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The Centre for Climate Crime and Climate Justice is a research centre based at Queen Mary University of London. We provide educational resources to support campaigns, organisations and individuals demanding climate justice. We publish research that holds climate offenders accountable.

Trade unions tackle the climate crisis

Where do workers fit into the climate action agenda? On October 27, trade unionists from across the labor movement gathered in London to discuss a new workplace-oriented strategy for decarbonization: green collective bargaining...

Beyond divestment

Our new report Beyond Divestment reveals a process of ‘shareholder substitution’ that has allowed some big players to significantly increase their shareholding, and raises big questionas about the next steps for the divestment movement.

Malón de la Paz against lithium mining

Valeria Vegh Weis on the 2,000 kilometer march of indigenous peoples in Argentina from the Juju region to Buenos Aires to demand that lithium mining projects in their territories are immediately halted.