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The Centre for Climate Crime and Climate Justice is a research centre based at Queen Mary University of London. We provide educational resources to support campaigns, organisations and individuals demanding climate justice. We publish research that holds climate offenders accountable.

Malón de la Paz against lithium mining

Valeria Vegh Weis on the 2,000 kilometer march of indigenous peoples in Argentina from the Juju region to Buenos Aires to demand that lithium mining projects in their territories are immediately halted.

The devastating cost of humanitarian intervention in Haiti

As demands grow for yet another humanitarian intervention to “fix” Haiti’s problems, we need to recognise that previous interventions have kept Haiti in the throes of political, social, and ecological crisis for over a century. By Angela Sherwood

Carbon cash machine

As the world burns, shareholders are getting record cash pay outs from their fossil fuel investments finds our new report written and researched in collaboration with Corporate Watch. By David Whyte